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Attorney's Assistant can handle any case type.  Pursuant to popular request, we have added Criminal and Traffic Forms.  Input the same information you would when drafting letters, motions, entries but only enter into the software and forms will be drafted with little effort!

Criminal and Traffic cases cost $6.00 each!  What a bargain! 

Kansas and Missouri Form changes - January 2018

Keep your forms updated.  Any patches necessary will be posted here:

We recently had a title company tell one of our users that they would not accept recording the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage with the Recorder of Deeds office as a means of transferring ownership (i.e. releasing Wife's interest in the property)  because of the clause in the Judgment that ordered opposing party to sign a Quit Claim Deed.

In this particular situation Wife would not voluntarily sign the Quit Claim Deed so parties attempted to record the Judgment instead to effectuate the transfer per the Judgment.

We have removed the clause regarding signing of a Quit Claim Deed from all of our forms.  If this is something you have in your custom forms and you need assistance removing the language please contact us.

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