Alan Pearlman

"The Electronic Lawyer"™

(Excerpts from May 2002 Product Review) 

          As a family law practitioner I have scoured software products for several years trying to find case management suited just for the matrimonial practice…a program that truly helps the family law practitioner keep his or her case load computerized!

           Most of the family lawyers and/or paralegals that I talk with are still using their computers for cutting and pasting to create their family practice documents.  Without a real and central database of clients, then I guess there just is not any other way to do it.

           Enter, Legal Easy,  (www.legaleasy.com) of Joplin, Mo., who have come up with an excellent family practitioner’s case management program, which they have entitled Attorney's Assistant. 

             Legal Easy …has come up with a program that not only does your documents for you, but also has the flexibility to handle large amounts of data and client information, and is able to handle the data in many different methods, including spread sheets to analyze property, ability to export this information to third party applications, such as the child support calculators, Microsoft Excel, and even Microsoft Access.

            You have to have the ability to track your documents even when it has been off loaded to an attorney's laptop or archived. Legal Easy knows this and they have provided for it in the program.

            In an office network, nothing is of more concern to the managing attorney than the security of his or her files, and again the Attorney's Assistant has made ample gains in the network security of your case files… and they also know that you have to maintain adequate back-up functions so that your files are, indeed safe, from that server crash that WILL come, guaranteed!

             In this Internet age, Legal Easy has not forgotten that you should have the ability to move your files and data, to other attorneys, clients and other personnel (soon perhaps the court system!)  via the net. With Attorney's Assistant you have the ability to move work back and forth on the net, with ease of use. Now I was a bit unnerved with this at first but let me tell you of the boost in productivity in my office.

            If you have certain custom forms that you have grown to love, the Legal Easy people will help you incorporate them into the program, and I have found them to be ready, willing and able, to help with any type of form, or for that matter, any question or problem. Incidentally, after your form is completed, it will be formatted to your word process, be it Word or WordPerfect, and you can, if needed, make any further changes or enhancements.

Would you believe it if I told you that Legal Easy has made the Attorney's Assistant easy to use, and sell it at licensing fees?

             I have often wondered when a company would produce a program for the Family Practitioner allowing them the ease of use and ability to have all the data at their finger- tips.  I think that Legal Easy has heard and answered my plea.  I highly recommend that any family practitioner contact Legal Easy and see how you can get your caseload automated.  I have used the program with ease for a few months now and recommend that you try it.  I think you will be amazed and pleasantly surprised.   I know that I sure am!

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