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If you haven't fully implemented Attorney's Assistant into your practice, now is the perfect time to start!  We offer free training to all your staff and also customize your forms for free!  Your own personal trainer and software programmer!  How's that for customer service?

As more and more clients are on the web, they appreciate having a way to input their information before their appointments.  It also helps you to become more organized and get all the information in front of you so the case can proceed quicker.  Have your client's go to www.legaleasy.com/client and download the program to get a jumpstart on their case!

The price of Attorney's Assistant continues to stay at $24.95 each case.  Those of you who are devoted users can testify to the fact that Attorney's Assistant is worth far more than that.  Take a look at our Testimonials Page and see for yourself! 

However, if a client completes the Attorney's Assistant software by downloading from www.legaleasy.com/client - the price to the attorney is ZERO!  You get your client started on their case, you don't have to call them mulitiple times to gather required information, you can draft documents on their first appointment and you can handle their case under budget therefore they send you MORE CASES! 

Request a free Training CD or watch it from your browser online (NOTE: Screen size is 1024x768 due to the size of this video it is recommended that you have high speed internet connection). Now training your new staff members on Attorney's Assistant is as easy as watching a movie!
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Legal Easy announces "LE Dictate".
The iPhone App that turns your phone into a digital recorder.  Download now from the App Store. 
Attorney's Assistant Video Tutorial
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